Rejected Allowing international Captains and Co-captains in WCOP teams to manage a different international team.

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Banned deucer.
I was thinking of foreign captains who come from different countries wanting to be a manager for a team other than their own. For example; a French-Brazilian manager who has only a French IP and wants to represent Brazil as a manager due to personal preference.

This can be used as a way for managers to obtain experience in managing teams for larger team tournaments such as SCL and SPL.
But what if a manager cannot communicate with their team's native language? That really depends on the team and the manager, for example, I wouldn't expect someone who has no knowledge of Korean to manage South Korea, but if the team wants to accept a foreign manager that is up to them.
The main benefit of this is to have people who serve the roles of helpers within a team will be able to obtain trophies if they win, or custom avatars if awarded to the players.
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The suggested case of a French-Brazilian player could already play for Brazil under the current rules.

WCOP isn't a smaller team tournament than SCL or SPL and it's not supposed to be the manager training league for those tournaments either, and if you want to gain experience, how is managing another team than the ones you're eligible for better than managing the ones you're eligible for?

Completely defeats and dilutes the purpose of the tournament and serves absolutely no one, other than one or two well connected people that happen to live in weak regions. Terrible suggestion.
To add to what Luigi said above about the training league, you don't even really get 'managerial experience' in WCoP either. It's just so wildly different. Usually most of the team carries over from one year to the next and has already been an established group of friends and teammates going into the tournament. Not to mention there is no auction you need to prepare for.

Getting experience to earn a spot as a manager in SPL or SCL is best done by participating in smaller tournaments first. To use myself as an example, I was allowed to manage in an official tournament for the first time because I had done well as a manager in UUPL. For that UUPL I was selected because I was a dedicated teammate in the UUPL before that as a player. Being an active community member helps too. Managers of official teams will often add outside help as well, if you want to get a taste of what such environments could look like. I hear Excal in particular will add just about anyone to his teamchats. There are team tournaments going on all year round to help prospective managers with getting their foot in the door.

Luigi's point about eligibility is spot on and applies to both captains and players, which often overlap in WCoP anyway. And Amir, helpers shouldn't get trophies if the team wins. Helpers should aspire to make it onto their respective teams for real.
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